SROI Accreditation Training in Hong Kong (First Round)


Social Return on Investment (SROI) is a method for understanding and measuring the environmental and social impact of a project, organisation or policy. SROI aims at assigning financial values to the various impacts of the project on the beneficiaries and stakeholders, which are not usually included in conventional financial reports.

Jeremy Nicholls, from SROI International, UK, and Kevin Robbie, from Social Ventures Australia, facilitated two two-day workshops at the British Council, to train Hong Kong participants. Those who attended the workshop included government officials, social entrepreneurs, social investors, academia, and NGO representatives. Through the two-day workshop, participants were guided through the whole SROI analysis process and were given real case studies to practice their new evaluation skills.

The workshops were co-organised by the newly formed Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts (HKI-SIA) and SROI Network Hong Kong. British Council is the venue sponsor and supporting organisation for the workshops. It is hoped that after successful completion of the workshops, some participants will go on to become Hong Kong’s first accredited SROI practitioners.

SROI accreditation training in Hong Kong
Date: 26-29 November 2013
Venue: British Council Hong Kong


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