In-house SROI Training in Beijing, May 7-9


HKI-SIA conducted in-house SROI training in Beijing for around 20 participants for the Bright China Foundation. The three-day training was led by HKI-SIA Chief Executive Terence Yuen and Project Officer Patricia Chen and comprised of an awareness workshop (Day 1), SROI project planning (Day 2), and SROI key knowledge workshops (Day 3).

Earlier in March, two representatives from the Bright China Foundation participated in the SROI Accreditation Training conducted in Hong Kong, and the Foundation invited HKI-SIA to visit Beijing to conduct the in-house SROI training to its program officers and active volunteers. Bright China Foundation is the biggest education provider of youth entrepreneurship education in China and trained more that 200,000 youngsters over the past ten years through its partnership program with government education bureaus. The Foundation plans to implement SROI as a way to manage its service impact while it continues to expand and scale-up its operation.


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