SROI Awareness and Training Workshop in Shanghai, Sep 1-3

HKI-SIA conducted a three-day SROI awareness and training workshop for a group of evaluation professionals from three organizations including MercyCorps China (美慈中國), NPO Development Center Shanghai (映綠), and BSR China. The evaluation professionals from the three organizations were all engaged in the Empowering Female Factory Workers Program that is spearheaded by MercyCorps China which aims to measure the social and economic values of support programs provided to female factory workers in large-scale factories in the Yangtze River Delta area.

Apart from SROI training, HKI-SIA also offered professional advice in constructing a new SROI-based evaluation framework that is simple to use and can provide useful information for factory management to assess the impacts of the service support programs in assisting the female migrant factory workers.


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