SROI Awareness Workshop – Dialogue Experience

(September 23rd) Today the Institute conducted a half-day SROI Awareness Workshop with one of the leading social enterprises Dialogue Experience (previously known as Dialogue in the Dark before rebranding) to assist the enterprise’s management to formulate a long-term strategy in managing its overall social impact and rationalizing its resource allocation among its core activities. The Workshop highlighted the significance of impact management in social franchising and program replication, and served as a reminder for the international social franchise the challenges it faces in replicating its business model to diverse cultural contexts and local situations.

Dialogue Experience is one of the few social sector organizations in Hong Kong that has undertaken comprehensive review of its theory of change and computed its return on investment using the SROI framework (relevant studies were conducted earlier this year by independent researchers from the academia). In asking the Institute to run the SROI Awareness Workshop, the management is seeking to 1) find ways to embed impact assessment in the SE’s day-to-day management system to support decision making, and 2) better evaluate and communicate impact among its international network of operators. To further pursue this project, Dialogue Experience will send two candidates to participate in the SROI Accreditation Training to be conducted by HKI-SIA in November this year.


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