Talk on Measuring What Matters at HK Jam

HKI-SIA Project Officer Patricia Chen and Advisor Phoebe Leung (former Standard Associate of B Lab) delivered a workshop on Measuring What Matters on November 3 at the inaugurating Hong Kong Jam – Conference on Social Enterprise and Innovation (Click here to watch the video of HK Jam 2014).

Workshop Summary: One of the most frequent question entrepreneurs encounter is “Great idea, how are you sure it works?” In the face of myriad possible data points, how does one go about figuring out what should be measured? When is the right time to start thinking about impact? And is there a “one-size-fit-all” measurement system? Phoebe and Patricia will draw on their experiences with international impact certifiers B Lab and SROI (Social Return on Investments) respectively, and help you formulate a plan to tackle the data.

Key takeaways: Three simple questions to help you start your social impact measurement –

  • ›Who will be the users of your impact measurement? – defines the purpose
  • ›What is the theory of change of your activities? – implications on how to measure
  • ›Can the results answer the users’ questions? – tips on how to utilize the results



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