SROI Accreditation Training (Third Round)


A total of 32 participants from Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan and Korea completed the SROI Accreditation Training jointly organized by Social Value International and HKI-SIA. Two 2-day workshops were organized for four consecutive days through Nov 25th to 28th. Lead trainer Jeremy Nicholls partnered with HKI-SIA Chief Executive Terence Yuen to deliver the training at the British Council Admiralty Training Facility. For third times in a row, the British Council served as venue sponsor for the event.

A post-training debriefing session has been scheduled for December 11th to serve two main purposes: 1) to answer any pending questions in relation to the SROI training; and 2) to discuss possible approaches for the participating organizations to adopt SROI and embed its core principles into internal management processes.


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