HKI-SIA Launches New Funding Plan to Promote Social Impact Measurement Research

(December 8) Registered as a not-for-profit membership association on 12th December 2013, the Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analysts (HKI-SIA) celebrates its first anniversary with the organization of the third round of its signature SROI accreditation training and the launch of a new funding plan to promote social impact measurement research and consultancy in Hong Kong.

Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of Social Value International, commended the steadfast development of HKI-SIA over its first year of operation while visiting Hong Kong to deliver the SROI accreditation training. “All across Asia, we see tremendous increase in interest in social impact assessment and social value accounting more generally, and HKI-SIA has fast emerged as an important player in facilitating knowledge building and sharing in the region,” Jeremy noted.

During its first year of operation, the Institute has organized three rounds of SROI accreditation training (with a total of 6 two-day workshops), and over 90 participants from Hong Kong and nearby Asian cities including Beijing, Manila, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore and Taipei have completed the standard two-day SROI accreditation training. The latest round of training was organized between 25th to 28th November at the British Council training facility in Admiralty.

To celebrate its first anniversary, HKI-SIA also announced the establishment of the Social Impact Assessment Project Fund (the SIA Fund), with two initial funders – the RS Group and the Xu Family Charitable Foundation – making two separate donations to build an initial endowment of over HKD1 million. By providing additional financial support for the Institute to partake in a greater number of research and consultancy projects, the SIA Fund achieves the dual purpose of accelerating local knowledge building, as well as facilitating more HKI-SIA members to carry out SROI studies for the purpose of attaining professional accreditation.

Education, research/consultancy and regional networking are the three core businesses of HKI-SIA. In the coming year, the Institute plans to diversify its training provision to address the specific needs of different users and audience. At the same time, with the establishment of the SIA Fund, the Institute will partner with its professional members to initiate a greater number of research and consultancy projects, while it continues to strengthen its ties with the global network of social impact analysts via the platform built by Social Value International.


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