HKI-SIA Delivered Professional Seminar at St. James’ Settlement


(January 14th) Today HKI-SIA CEO Terence Yuen delivered a guest lecture at the professional grade staff meeting of the Hong Kong social service agency St. James’ Settlement (SJS). The title of the talk is “Beyond External Reporting: Impact Assessment as Decision Supporting Tool for Service Improvement” (社會影響評估:從交待服務成效到持續提升服務質素). The seminar was attended by over one hundred professional and managerial grade staff of SJS.

Making the argument that social impact assessment is most useful for social service organizations in support of their internal management decisions, the seminar examined the limitations of conventional charity evaluation, and presented different scenarios where difficult service design and resource allocation decisions could be aided by the use of information on social value of services through impact assessment framework such as SROI. Rather than seeing impact evaluation as primarily meant for external reporting or as one-off consultancy exercises, it was argued that a social value mentality should be incorporated and embedded in the Management Information System of any service organization for the purpose of continuous service improvement and enhancing service accountability to stakeholders.

In addition to delivering the lecture, Terence earlier also wrote an article for the January 2015 issue of the community development newsletter《社區生活誌》of SJS, commenting on the applicability of SROI for assessing the impact of community development work.

See article: 社區發展的社會投資回報   如何量度?應否量度? (Chinese version only)


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