HKI-SIA Hosted UK Social Impact Expert Daniel Fujiwara

HKI-SIA invited UK social impact expert Daniel Fujiwara to visit Hong Kong during the week commencing April 13th and organized a series of activities including a one-day practitioner training workshop, an in-house seminar for the Hong Kong government, a policy seminar at the University of Hong Kong, and a sharing session with the local research community.

Mr. Fujiwara conducted a one-day workshop on social impact assessment on April 13th at the British Council training facility at Admiralty, which was attended by over 30 participants including practitioners in the social investing space as well as researchers from the academia. The training examined the current environment of social impact assessment, introduced cutting-edge methodologies and professional practices, and discussed key challenges in measuring and embedding social impact in program evaluation.

Apart from the practitioner training, Daniel also ran two other seminars for the Hong Kong Government and the University of Hong Kong. An in-house seminar, titled Social Impact Assessment for Public Services, was hosted by the Efficiency Unit and was attended by some 80 senior ranking officials, including policy secretaries. Addressing a very different audience from the academia, Daniel delivered another talk titled Happiness Economics and Policy Evaluation and Cost-Benefit Analysis at the Faculty of Social Sciences at HKU.

Between the two seminars, both of which were conducted on April 16th, Daniel also joined a sharing session with researchers from a university research centre and a local policy think tank to discuss local effort to adopt the wellbeing valuation methodology – the latest thinking in the valuation of non-market goods for impact evaluation and other purposes.

Daniel is the Founding Director of SImetrica, a leading research consultancy in the field of social impact measurement and policy evaluation, and a member of the Centre for Economic Performance at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Before making his trip to Hong Kong, Daniel also visited Tokyo to conduct similar training events. The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network was a supporting organization of the events and sponsored the trip expenses for the Hong Kong and Tokyo events.


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