SROI Accreditation Training (the Fourth Round)


On July 16-17 and 20-21, HKI-SIA in collaboration of Social Value UK organized two SROI Accreditation Training Workshops. It has been the 4th time the two-day accreditation workshops were organized in Hong Kong, and altogether eight workshops were delivered since the first accreditation workshop was delivered in November 2013.

Jeremy Nicholls, CEO of Social Value UK, was the lead trainer while HKI-SIA CEO Terence Yuen and Officers Patricia Chen and Fikiyo Yiu provided the support. Thirty-one participants with diverse backgrounds including government, the academia, corporate sector, foundations, NGOs and social enterprises joined the training. There were two participants from Taiwan and one from Malaysia making the trip to Hong Kong to join the workshop, and they all became members of Social Value International after completed the two-day training.

A post-training debriefing session was subsequently organized on July 30th. The participants were eager to work on their own SROI case studies so as to complete the required process for the attainment of the professional accreditation status.


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