HKI-SIA Delivered In-house Seminar at the Efficiency Unit

(July 30th) HKI-SIA CEO Terence Yuen delivered an in-house seminar at the Efficiency Unit of the Hong Kong Government on a Thursday afternoon which was attended by over forty participants – mostly government officials and public administrators – from various policy bureaus and departments. The event was hosted by the Efficiency Unit while officials from other government offices were also invited to register for the event.

The key topic of the seminar involved the sharing of findings of a recent SROI case study undertaken by HKI-SIA for the Hong Kong Housing Society’s Elderly Safe Living Scheme (ESLS Project). The 2-hour talk also explored new frontiers in the promotion of social impact measurement in public policymaking.

While methodologies such as cost-benefit analysis (CBA) and Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) have been widely adopted by government for the evaluation of policy interventions particularly in relation to infrastructure building projects, new evaluation approaches such as Social CBA and SROI are yet to be tried out by the Hong Kong Government. Basic information on these new policy evaluation approaches were introduced in the seminar.

The ESLS is one integral component of the wider Ageing In Place initiative promoted by the Hong Kong Housing Society which has worked in collaboration with other service operators to promote the public policy objective. Making reference to the ESLS case findings, other interesting topics including the significance in the promotion of Collective Impact and Shared Measurement were also examined in the seminar, all with intense interest from the audience.


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