New Report on Social Innovation and Social Impact Assessment


Our Hong Kong Foundation on March 31st released a new research report on social innovation. The report recommends the Government to fully support and promote social innovation, constructing an enabling environment for social innovators.

One key recommendation of the Foundation is for the Government to adopt a comprehensive strategy with social impact assessment (SIA). The report recommends the Government to implement SIA on policy formulation so as to advocate the concept of social outcome and encourage the use of SIA. In the meantime, the Government should raise the society’s awareness of social innovation by engaging business, increasing competition for social outcome and building capacity. Only with the support or even direct participation of the Government, businesses and NGOs in social innovation, Hong Kong could tackle complex social problems effectively.

Wong Yuen Shan Stephen, Head of Public Policy of Our Hong Kong Foundation who is also Vice-Chairman of HKI-SIA, will join as a panelist in the forthcoming Public Seminar on Managing Social Value Creation and Collective Impact on May 26th organized by the Institute. Stephen will share the key findings of the new research report and also share his thoughts on cross-sector collaboration and the notion of collective impact/creating shared value.

Click here for registration of the Public Seminar on May 26th
Click here for downloading the research report by Our Hong Kong Foundation


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