SROI Practitioner Training Workshop Delivered on September 28-29


Nearly three years ago, in November 2013, HKI-SIA introduced the first 2-day SROI practitioner training workshop to Hong Kong. Since then, four more rounds of SROI accreditation training were organized. All workshops were led by our UK CEO Jeremy Nicholls who stopped by in Hong Kong to deliver the training amidst his frequent travels in Asia.

This week Jeremy visited Hong Kong again to give presentations in the Jockey Club Philanthropy for Better Cities Forum and the Social Enterprise World Forum 2016. HKI-SIA again took this opportunity to organize the 2-day SROI workshop on September 28-29. It was the 11th SROI accreditation workshop organized in Hong Kong and the session was attended by 11 local practitioners and one overseas participant from Thailand. As usual, the mix of the participants was cross-sectional, with representatives from social innovation intermediaries, a think tank, an international impact investor, a developer, and social service agencies serving the youth and the elderly.

The contents of the 2-day workshop have been sharpened over the past three years and new focus on how to undertake rapid program evaluation that syncs data gathering and decision making (so as to fuel social innovation) was introduced.  Rapid prototyping and user segmentation were the key themes throughout the 2-day training, and participants were given practical guidance on how to experiment with new program ideas for better allocation of resources and the maximization of social impact for stakeholders.

The Our Hong Kong Foundation was the venue sponsor of the two-day event.


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