New Measurement Methods: A Panel at the 2016 Hong Kong Social Enterprise Summit

SE Summit 2016.JPG

HKI-SIA Executive Director Terence Yuen on September 24th joined the 2016 Social Enterprise Summit and served as the facilitator for the sharing session on New Measurement Methods.

Local think tank researcher Alvin Cheung from Our Hong Kong Foundation joined two overseas speakers Prof. Wu Jialin from Taiwan and Prof. Jang Jongick from Korea and presented three interesting cases on quantitative and qualitative methods to conduct social impact assessment. Two distinctive quantitative methods –  the contingent rating method and the wellbeing valuation method – were introduced in the Hong Kong and the South Korean cases respectively. A qualitative evaluation framework was introduced in the Taiwanese case which was developed inductively through analyzing four social enterprises in Taiwan.

In the ensuing discussions, the panelists discussed the underpinning rationales of the different methods in making comparisons for decision making support. The extent to which qualitative methods and quantitative methods could complement one another for a more holistic approach of impact evaluation was also deliberated.

New Measurement Methods:
Date: September 24th, 2016 (Sat)
Time: 11:15am – 12:45pm

Dr. Terence Yuen, Executive Director, The Hong Kong Institute of Social Impact Analyst

Mr. Alvin Cheung, Researcher, Public Policy, Our Hong Kong Foundation
Prof. Jia Lin Wu, Professor, Public Policy and Management, Shih Hsin University
Dr. Jongick Jang, Associate Professor (Economics), Hanshin University

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