Evidence-based Approach to Social Impacts


HKI-SIA Executive Director Terence Yuen will be a guest speaker for the 6th Conference cum Workshop on Practice and Research for Social Service Excellence organized by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service.

Event details:
Date: March 23, 2017 (Thursday)
Time:9:00am – 5:00pm (Registration start at 8:40am)
Venue:Auditorium, 1/F., Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong
Language: Cantonese

Programme Rundown (Updated)

The topic of his talk is How to apply SROI in a qualitative manner?

There is a general misunderstanding that SROI is an impact evaluation tool that demands its users to undertake quantification and even monetization of social outcomes. The talk will discuss how SROI could be applied to undertake impact forecasting without quantification or monetization. The talk will also introduce the idea of “social impact risks” (the risks that the anticipated social impact may not be realized) and discuss how social investors and service operators could mitigate/minimize the risks.

SROI(社會投資回報)普遍被認為是量化的影響力評估工具,應用時必須進行數量化及貨幣化的操作,然而很多服務機構就比較能接受質性的社會影響評估。此專題演講會分享如何運用SROI進行質性社會影響力分析和預測,並會引進「社會影響風險」social impact risks的概念,探討創效投資者和服務營運者,如何能避免或盡量減低各類型社會影響風險出現的可能性。

Registration to the events:
(1) Conference (Fee : HKCSS member $280/ non-member $330 Early Bird:HKCSS member $180/ non-member $230 )
(2) Workshop (Fee : HKCSS member $430/ non-member $480 Early Bird: HKCSS member $330/ non-member $380)
(3) Conference and Workshop (Fee : HKCSS member $580/ non-member $680 Early Bird: HKCSS member $430/ non-member $530 )


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