Social Value Matters 2017: Workshop on Craft of Stakeholder Segmentation


Koc U campus 2

Social Value Matters 2017 – the annual conference of Social Value International – was held on April 10th-11th at the beautiful campus of Koç University in Istanbul, with over 200 participants coming from 25 countries. The Conference was hosted by the Koç University Social Impact Forum (KUSIF) which is a core member of the newly constituted Turkey Social Value Network.  HKI-SIA Executive Director Terence Yuen, who also serves on the Board of Social Value International, attended the two-day conference as representative of the Hong Kong Social Value Network.

On the second day of the conference, Terence joined with Dr Adam Richards, Senior Researcher of Social Value UK, in delivering the practice workshop “The Craft of Stakeholder Segmentation: Improved Decision Making in Service Design and Policy”:

The Craft of Stakeholder Segmentation
The session would consider the risks associated with failing to segment stakeholders, and different techniques that can be applied to reduce the risks and improve the ability of decision makers to maximise the value of activities. Discussion and case studies would be used for participants to appreciate how segmentation can be conducted in line with the Principles of Social Value at varying degrees of rigour to provide proportional responses.

The workshop examined the Why and How of stakeholder segmentation, and was attended by social impact practitioners having an interest to improve program design and service delivery by way of linking impact measurement with approaches to provide tailor-made services to specific beneficiaries groups through stakeholder segmentation.

Istanbul Workshop 2


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